Several state agencies including the Highway Patrol wrapped up a week-long effort to make sure Missourians are properly using child safety seats in cars. Patrol Captain Tim Hull says it’s not that people aren’t using them, it’s that they need help learning how to install them in the car the right way.

Hull says many times the seats aren’t restrained properly or at all in the car. He says some of them aren’t angled evenly or don’t follow the correct seatbelt path in the car. He says area fire districts or highway patrol troop headquarters will offer help in learning to install them properly.

He says to remember that children under 2 need to be in a rear facing seat, from 2-4 can face forward in a car seat, and after that, if the child is less than 8 years old, or shorter than 4 foot 9 or less than 80 pounds, needs to be in a booster seat.

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