The House and Senate have not agreed on a China Hub bill after 16 days of legislative session, and House members are refusing to accept any fault in the matter. House Speaker Steven Tilley says the Senate’s politics are keeping Missourians from jobs.

The Senate says the House is not debating in the public forum on the Senate’s bill, and also has not presented the Senate with a version of the bill to look at. House Democratic leadership says perhaps it’s too many people in the same party making decisions, so it’s becoming personal rather than political.

The Governor made statements after the session adjourned for the week last Friday, saying he was disappointed that Missouri was missing good opportunities for political infighting.

The MOSIRA plan, which aims to create technology jobs in the state, was passed out of the House, despite a provision the Senate put in the bill saying it can’t be passed if the China Hub doesn’t pass too. Tilley says that means the ball is in the Senate’s court.

The House and Senate will have some members in the building this week for technical session, a sign that a compromise could still happen.

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