We’ll learn in a few hours whether this special session of the legislature makes major changes in the state’s economic development program…..or whether the session will go on longer… 

An agreement between the governor and legislative leaders has been crumbling almost from the day it was announced in July,  In recent days the House and Senate have been far apart on the economic development bill and have been saying nasty things about one another.

Leaders say this will be the last day, no matter what happens. The senate will be watching the House closely this morning as it considers the senate-passed economic development bill.  Senate leaders want six things they say the House has taken out of the Senate version.

If the Senate doesn’t like what it sees, it can come into session this afternoon and adjourn, not only killing any hope for the jobs bill, but killing several other bills in the process, several of which have been approved by the House..  

Senate leader Rob Mayer doesn’t see the situation as penalizing backers of other bills because the Hosue and Senate leaders couldn’t find middle ground.

The House is to meet the morning. The senate is to meet at 2 p.m.  Members angry about the House’s attitudes almost shut down the special session on Wednesday.  Some still want to do it without passing a bill…


Listen to Mayer, Dempsey teleconference mp3