The “will he or won’t he” continues to surround Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder as he tours the state promoting his politics for a race he hasn’t committed to running. He says, despite not officially running for another office, he’s gotten support on his tour.

He says he never committed to announcing his plans in late September, he just said “after Labor Day.”

He won’t commit to running for Governor, but continued to criticize Governor Nixon. He says the Governor’s budget withholdings are hurting more than they’re helping. He says even though the withholdings are to pay for disaster recovery, the money taken from programs may be hurting those its trying to help; especially in the case of the assisted living homes and meals programs in Joplin for older adults.

Kinder says his plans for the 2012 election campaign haven’t changed despite the allegations of a relationship with a St. Louis area stripper.

Kinder says he’ll be continuing his state-wide tour throughout the month.

Affiliate KZRG in Joplin contributed to this report.