It appears for now that the Big 12 has survived another scare after the Pac 12 announced it is not interested in expanding to 16 teams. Speculation ran wild that Oklahoma, which first discussed a move away from the Big 12, along with Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State would join the Pac 12 to create the first “super conference.”

“After careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference,” Scott said in a statement. “While we have great respect for all of the institutions that have contacted us, and certain expansion proposals were financially attractive, we have a strong conference structure and culture of equality that we are committed to preserve.”

The hold up appeared to be that Texas wouldn’t guarantee a revenue sharing plan. Pac 12 member presidents were on a conference call on Tuesday.

For now, it appears the only defections will be Pitt and Syracuse from the Big East to ACC and Texas A & M from the Big 12 to SEC. Perhaps the talk of major conference realignment may have died down.

However, it will still be necessary for the Big 12 to at least get back to 10 schools, which could open up the discussions again for BYU to join.