Six and a half hours of testimony was not enough for members of the House Economic Development Committee to be able to take a vote on the two jobs bills that were the main goal of the special session.

House Economic Development Committee Chair Ann Zerr says this hearing must have held a record for length – more than six and a half hours of testimony for and against the two jobs bills passed out of the Senate – one to create the China Cargo Hub in St. Louis, and one to give incentives for technological developments like data centers. And after that, Zerr admits, if the committee isn’t ready to vote on it soon, or the House can’t come to an agreement, it could just die.

Representative John Diehl was quoted as saying if there’s no agreement in 48 hours on the bill, the lawmakers may as well pack up and go home. Zerr says, he’s right.

She says she is not optimistic about finding a compromise – she canceled the committee vote on the bill that was set for this afternoon, and has not rescheduled it.

She says the one bright spot of the committee hearing was that so many people got to voice their opinions about the issue. A nearly 2-hour portion of the hearing was dedicated to debate on if it was the Government’s job to create jobs.

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