Lance Berkman. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

There is something that is refreshing in hearing that contract talks with Lance Berkman and the Cardinals have hit a snag and it’s brutal honesty from Berkman himself.

He has made it clear that he wants to come back to the Cardinals with a one year contract, just like he signed this past off season. However, the hold up is on the dollars and while the Cardinals sound like they are tinkering with bonuses and incentives, Berkman just wants to get paid.

Berkman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “It’s always about money…No matter what people say, it’s always about the money.” Berkman is looking for what he thinks is his fair share and I applaud him for being honest.

The 35 year old is hitting .299 after going 2 for 2 in Monday night’s win over Philadelphia, hitting his 31st homer and picking up RBIs 88 and 89. He’s making $8 million this year and wants something a little higher than that in a straight one year deal.

“I would think they would want that. I also feel like I’ve had a good enough season where I’d like for that to be acknowledged as well.”

For that, I give Berkman credit…for at least being honest. I disagree with him. The $8 million he received was under the expectation he could put up those type of numbers. I don’t believe in rewarding for past work. The next contract given to any player is a risk and/or investment based on a player’s past history and right now the Cardinals have to ask themselves if it’s worth paying more for Berkman next season than they did this season for a player who is a year older on the back end of his career.

However, for once an athlete came out and said what it’s all about…money. Good for Berkman.