During the Big 12 football media teleconference today, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has said all along university officials have kept him up to speed on the process of conference realignment and has looked to Stoops for some input. On the other hand, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel’s approach is to focus on his job of running the football team and trying to worry on things he has “no control over.”

Pinkel did say it would be naive to think that the Big 12 can survive. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Texas and Oklahoma’s board of regents will approve and give authority for their president’s to work out new conference agreements.

It is possible such moves to Pac 12 could include Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Pinkel said. “From my standpoint I really don’t want to comment any further.”

Gary Pinkel on conference realignment and recruiting (1:00)

Pinkel did say that a move to another conference, could affect geographic strategies when it comes to recruiting.  Texas, along with in-state recruits have been a big reason for the Tigers’ success in recent years.  Currently 36 players on the Mizzou roster are from Texas.