The Corps of Engineers is looking for money to fix more than fifty Missouri River levees between Carroll County and the Iowa line. But the money might not be all that available.      The Corps’ Kansas City office is requesting money to assess damage to levees in its district.  But a spokesman says the division is a “little ways off” from having those funds or being able to use them because a lot of water is still on the levees. 

By the time the water drops and the money is available, the construction season will be shortened.  And the Corps’ Jud Kneavuen admits he’s not completely confident repairs can be made before next spring’s high water. 

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But he says the corps will “make a good stab at it.’  Based on preliminary assessments from the air, Kneuvean thinks levee repairs will cost about 35-million dollars. He says assessments are expected to be more accurate when the water drops.