Steven Jackson runs for a 42 yard touchdown last season against Washington. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

In the past, Rams running back Steven Jackson has played through injuries and beat the odds. That’s why he’s not about to let this latest setback (strained quadriceps) keep him out of the game on Monday night, when it’s only Friday morning.

“It’s getting better daily,” Jackson said. “It’s all predicated on how I feel on Monday. We are definitely shooting to have an outside chance to be able to go on Monday. We all know this kind of injury the rest is going to be the first thing. Luckily we have an extra day with the Monday night thing. But we want to be smart. It’s early in the season and if we feel I can be 100 percent for Baltimore, we’ve got to weigh that option.”

Two seasons ago, Jackson finished the final six games with a herniated disc in his back that would require offseason surgery. Then in 2010, Jackson suffered a groin injury against Washington, wrapped the leg and came back to play against Seattle the following week.

If this were another player I would say not a chance, but with Jackson it’s possible he could suit up. The one advantage that the Rams have this season is some solid depth at running with Cadillac Williams and Jerious Norwood.