A revolt is brewing in the state senate against national political party demands that Missouri move its presidential primary next year. 

Missouri is scheduled to have the nation’s third presidential primary next year.  But both the Republican and the Democratic parties are threatening to refuse to seat Missouri convention delegates if the state does not move the primary from February to March. The parties, however, did not do that to Florida four years ago despite a similar threat.

St. Louis Senator Tim Green says the demand marginalizes Missouri and deprives voters of chances to see a potentially large field of candidates. 

Cape Girardeau senator Jason Crowell is ready to change the bill moving the primary to March to say Missouri will retain the February date, but will hold caucuses instead.  Senate elections committee chairman Kevin Engler of Farmington says holding caucuses instead of a primary would save the state about six-and-a-half million dollars.  

The issue has been held over until the special session resumes next Wednesday.

 Listen to the debate 38:16 mp3