Senators Blunt and McCaskill have been working with Senators from the seven other states effected by this year’s flood. Blunt says there’s a narrow window where the flooding is still on everyone’s minds, and that’s when the Missouri River Working Group needs to secure funding. He says there are Senators from each of the seven effected States on the appropriations committee.

He says though there haven’t been many scheduled meetings, members are talking to each other and consistently to the Army Corps of Engineers Officials.

Blunt says the Governors from those seven states met recently too, and still agree River Management is a priority.

Two members of the House of Representatives have introduced legislation dealing with Missouri River flood management. Four Representatives from Missouri have signed on as co sponsors: Sam Graves (R) Emanuel Cleaver II (D) Vicki Hartzler (R) and Blane Luetkemeyer.  Bill sponsors say the number one priority is prevention.

(AUDIO) Allison Blood reports on the progress of the working group Mp3 1:03

Senator Blunt talking about disaster funding on the Senate Floor