Water from the flooded Missouri River has receded enough in some places that work can begin on roads that have been under water, in some cases, since June.

Department of Transportation spokeswoman Melissa Black says in Northwest Missouri’s Atchison County, MODOT crews started over the weekend doing roadway and shoulder work on Route 136. The Department advertised on Monday a project for repair to Route 59 in Buchanan County, and has now advertised another emergency repair project for 136.

18 other roads in northwest Missouri are still under water. She says priority roads include Routes 159 and 111 and numerous lettered roads. MODOT says I-29 remains closed due to flooding and damage on the Iowa side of the border.

Black says once water has receded from a flooded roadway, MODOT crews go in to begin an assessment. The first question they consider is whether the Department’s personnel can do the repairs. If not, then an emergency repair project is advertised so that a contractor can be brought in for the job.

Varying amounts of damage are being revealed by the receding water. Black says some gaps in pavement are more than 100 feet long and, in places, more than 35 feet deep.

Black says the Department is working to seek reimbursement from the federal government for work to repair damaged Missouri roads.

To see images of damage to roads caused by Missouri River flooding, visit http://modot.org/northwest/2011floodcoverage.htm.