Plans for a major warehouse and manufacturing development near Lambert-St. Louis airport known as “Aerotropolis” will not be in the new version of the major economic development bill gong before the senate this afternoon.  Senate leader Rob Mayer says the $300 million in tax credits for that part of the bill have been dropped after several senators raised questions about lack of guarantees the tax credits actually would turn into warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and jobs. 

Remaining in the bill is a 460 million proposal for freight forwarders who would make sure American products, particularly Missouri products, would go back to China on planes bringing Chinese products to Lambert. 

Mayer says aerotropolis as a concept is okay but senators are not satisfied with the way backers of the concept want to make it materialize. 

                                         Reporters interview Sen. Mayer 9:31 mp3

Senate floor leader Tom Dempsey also hopes the senate can pass the MOSIRA bill, a measure that encourages development of high-tech and research businesses in Missouri.