One of the two people who voted against the Aerotropolis bill in a Senate Jobs Committee meeting says she will still vote against it when it reaches the floor, if her questions remain unanswered.

Smithville State Senator Luann Ridgeway says one of her questions deals with the fact that Lambert St. Louis Airport, owned by the City of St. Louis, has the highest air cargo landing fees in its region of the country.

During the hearing she asked Mayor Francis Slay…

Senator Luann Ridgeway questions St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay in Senate Hearing :30 mp3

Ridgeway says she was not satisfied with the answer, given by Mayor Slay and his Chief of Staff, Jeff Rainford…

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford respond to Senator Ridgeway 2:08 mp3

Ridgeway says if she doesn’t have the answers she wants by the time the bill reaches the floor, she plans to read it page by page, as she did with the puppy mill legislation during the regular session.  She says she wants to make sure everyone knows what is in the lengthy package before voting on it.

The Senator did vote for a separate bill containing the Missouri Science Innovation and Reinvestment Act in Committee, but says she won’t vote for it on the floor unless language is added specifying that state money will not be used to fund human cloning. MOSIRA was removed from the Aerotropolis package in the Senate over concerns it could be thrown out in court.