Missouri Western defensive backs, Jack Long and Shane Simpson came to the rescue of a frantic grandmother just days before their season opener, when they saved a 17-month old boy who was trapped inside a hot car.

Teresa Gall accidentally locked her grandson Liam Snook inside her car during one of those of 90+ degree days in late August. She was frantically pounding on the window trying to get it open, when Long and Simpson saw her as they were heading home after leaving practice.

Thinking at first, she locked her keys in the car, they decided to turn around thinking there must have been a bigger emergency. When they arrived, Gall came running at them pleading for help.

“All I heard was there’s a baby trapped in the car. Adrenaline took over, and that’s really all I remember.”

Simpson took a hammer, busted the car window with one swing, and pulled Liam to safety.

GoGriffons.com posted a YouTube video.