The so-called “Facebook fix” bill is ready for debate by the state senate.  The senate education committee has approved action by the legislature that the governor does not want the legislature to take.

The committee recommends the bill be approved by the entire senate.   Senator Jane Cunningham’s bill calls on all school districts to adopt a policy by next March first banning inappropriate communications between school employees and students through social media. 

Governor Nixon’s special session all for lawmakers to remove confusing language said they were not to add any new language in its place.  Cunningham says a 19-22 Missouri Supreme Court decision does not allow the governor to place such limits on legislative action in a special session.

Among those organizations supporting  the revision is the Missouri State Teachers Association, which had gotten a court order blocking enforcement of the law passed last spring.  MSTA said in its lawsuit that the law violated First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights. A spokesman at today’s hearing indicated no such concerns about Cunningham’s bill. 

The senate could debate the bill tomorrow.