Compromise is what many law makers are saying going into this week’s special legislative session. Representative Chris Kelly (D- Columbia) says law makers and education groups have been working to write a compromise bill to clarify the bill that limits online communication between teachers and students. Kelly says all the legislature wants is for communication between teachers and students to be transparent, no matter what form its in.

Some education associations say the law limits teachers too much, and a court placed a restraining order on the bill following a lawsuit claiming it violates teachers first amendment rights. After that, the Governor asked law makers to repeal that portion of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Jane Cunningham (R-Chesterfield), says giving the schools the jurisdiction to write their own policies on this issue should clear up any problems with the legislation.

(AUDIO) Allison Blood reports on the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act. Mp3 1:02