It’s been hot and dry, but the state Fire Marshal says there are no red-flag warnings right now.

State Fire Marshal Randy Cole says there are some at-risk areas in West Central Missouri — in Vernon and Barton counties — but that common sense at all campsites saves lives and prevents wildfires.

As many people use the three-day weekend to clean up around the house, it’s also important to keep safety in mind if burning debris or trash piles. And Cole says never leave an active fire unattended and always douse any embers with water before leaving. Despite what many think, just throwing dirt on a fire isn’t enough … the embers need to be put out completely.

He says campfires can get out of control if left unattended, and says curious children who like to poke around fires with sticks can cause accidental fires and injuries. He urges the same common-sense safety for those who will be barbecuing.

Cole reminds folks that the weather in Missouri is ever-changing, so always check wind conditions and moisture levels before starting a fire of any kind.