The VA Medical Center cancelled surgeries at its John Cochran division in February after instruments there were found to not be sterile.  This followed a 2010 report that said as many as 1,800 veterans may have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis at the facility.

Now a plan has been released called “Gateway to the Future,” aimed at addressing issues at Cochran.  The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee directed the creation of that plan, and member Russ Carnahan says he’s pleased with the effort.  He says he’ll be watching closely to make sure it is implemented well.

Carnahan has met again with veterans at a forum in St. Louis and says the feedback he’s heard from them has been positive, but he’s awaiting results of a patient survey that are due out next month.  In the past, he says Cochran VA had ranked lowest in some of those ratings.

Surgeries resumed at Cochran  in March.

Jessica Machetta interviews Congressman Russ Carnahan about progress at John Cochran Medical Center mp3 5:52