The State Health Department could be ending their 11.4 million dollar contract with SynCare just three months into it.

The Interim House Committee on Budget Transparency urged the State Health Department to find a solution to SynCare’s failure to meet its end of the contract. Committee Member Representative Dave Schatz says even though it was SynCare who failed to handle the volume of work it promised to do, the Department of Health is to blame.

Schatz says the fact that the Department of Health hired 33 people to cover the work SynCare was unable to do is evidence there needs to be a new plan.

Committee Chair Representative Ryan Silvey read the notes from the vetting process, and says there was not a specific plan laid out in the proposal by SynCare for the project of assessing the 50,000 Missourians on Medicare’s health plans. The Office of Administration says to be fair, no candidates had a specific plan, and all vetting notes had flaws listed in them.

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