The state gaming commission suggests a lifetime ban from visiting Missouri casinos might last only five years for thousands of people on the list. 

Fifteen-thousand-950 people have declared themselves “disassociated persons” who should never be allowed into any of Missouri’s casinos.  The gaming commission proposes changing its rule as early as the end of March next year allowing those who now are permanently banned to take their names off the list after five years.  Almost 8,000 DAPs, as they’re called,  would be able to ask to be taken off the list then.

Gaming Commission counsel Ed Grewach thinks the change in policy might actually lead to more people going on the list.  He says research shows people are more likely to sign up for such a ban if they know there are some possibilities that they might be able to get off the list at some time.

People who put themselves on the list get letters saying they’ll be arrested for trespassing if they go into a casino.  If the rule is changed, each casino would have to decide whether to let people who’ve changed their minds would be welcome.  And if a person decides a second time to go on the DAP list, there would not be another chance to take themselves off it.

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