The St. Louis Rams felt it was worth Danario Alexander to get another MRI on his left knee after he sat out Monday’s practice with soreness. Alexander is determined to make one of the six spots open for receivers.

“He wants this thing bad, he is a competitor and I respect him for that,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “I’ll visit with him every day to see where he’s at but I think it’s important we make sure the health of our players is right and that’s why we sent him over to get the MRI.”

Steve Spagnuolo calls Danario a “tough nut”

Alexander could have elected to have surgery to clean out but as he finds himself in the middle of a battle for wide receiver jobs, he has to push through.

“I had swelling and I just wanted to know what was going on in my knee,” Alexander said. “We got the MRI and it showed that I have a little bit of something going on but nothing serious so I am able to keep going. It’s a tough thing, it’s not easy for anybody with regular knees, so for me to be out there with a few surgeries and come out here and take the practice grind day in and day out, this is going to happen.”