Governors of Missouri River states gathered in Omaha Friday to talk about the way the Corps of Engineers manages the Missouri River. Missouri and upstream states have battled over flood control needs versus recreational uses of the river, as well as irrigation and navigation. But Governor Nixon says this year’s flooding throughout might make other states see things our way for once.

Nixon says Corps policy needs to change to make sure flood control is the number one purpose of the reservoirs. The Corps, which was also included in the meeting, has already indicated it needs to re-evaluate the long-held river flow standard. Corps officials say just how much space should be left in the resevoirs to hold upstream runoffs needs to be considered.

Nixon says he thinks everyone at the meeting was positive about reaching an agreement for the better good of all states affected. He says he went in prepared to make a hard case for necessary change, but feels everyone there — governors and Corps officials alike — were there with a positive attitude for change and a willingness to cooperate.

Brent Martin, Nebraska Radio Network, interviews Nixon [Mp3, 3:12 min.]