Schools across the state lose accreditadion every year, and families in those districts are left to decide what to do. The Missouri legislature is creating a joint interim committee to try and come up with a new law that would address all those students needs.

Representative Scott Dieckhaus is the co-chair of the Interim Joint Committee on School accreditation. He says the main goal is to craft a comprehensive plan for what do to when schools lose accreditation and then students want to move to a new district.

He says the legislature tried last session, but couldn’t come to an agreement. He says it needs to be legislated next year because it’s such a contentious issue.

He says it’s important to find a solution that works equally for rural and urban schools, which is made difficult by the way Missouri funds its schools. Dieckhaus says his co-chair, Senator Jane Cunningham, has worked with him on other education bills, so he thinks they’ll be able to get a bill ready before the next legislative session in January. The first meeting hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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