Take the Chiefs 25-0 loss to Tampa Bay and throw it right out the window. What you saw on the field last Friday night is not what you are going to see week one of the regular season. If Todd Haley’s plan works out, it will look much different in week 17 of the season.

Just this week, the players started putting on full pads and engaging in full contact. Because the lockout did away with mini camps and OTA’s (organized team activities) Haley took a different approach to this training camp in St. Joseph.

Gone were the full pads and in were more conditioning drills and more mental work. “I believe that if your team is conditioned and trained the way it needs to be over an extended period of time, you can minimize a lot of injuries,” Haley said. “There are going to be hurts and aches and pains, but you can minimize some of the things that will really set your team back.”

The Chiefs travel to Baltimore today before kicking off against the Ravens Friday night. Camp resumes in Kansas City Sunday afternoon and will continue through the month of August.

“We’re on schedule, but we’re nowhere close,” Haley said. “We have a lot of work to do. But we’ve made progress and there is no doubt in my mind that we made progress in the areas that were most important to us here in these first two-to-three weeks.