This picture shows Haith (c) posing with Shapiro (l) and Haith's assistant Jake Morton (r) in a photo provided to Yahoo

Missouri men’s basketball coach Frank Haith has been asked by the NCAA to talk to them about his dealings with a booster while he coached at Miami. The same booster who claims he provided benefits to over 72 football players.

The story in Yahoo Sports, written by investigating reporter Charles Robinson, focused mainly on 72 football players at Miami, including NFL stars Devin Hester and Willis McGehee, but there was also the basketball angle with Robinson reporting that Nevin Shapiro paid $10,000 to secure a commitment from DeQuan Jones back in 2007.

According to the story, Haith had knowledge of the payment. The University of Missouri released a statement saying they will cooperate as much as they can. Haith released a statement late Tuesday night.

“In response to a recent news article, I can confirm that the NCAA has asked to speak with me regarding the time I spent at the University of Miami. I am more than happy to cooperate with the national office on this issue and look forward to a quick resolution. The NCAA has instructed me not to comment further at this time in order to protect the integrity of their review, so I appreciate your understanding in this matter.”