It’s hard in the warmth of August to start thinking of the flu season. But state and local health departments have been. This year’s flu vaccine is available in good quantity and it’s the same suff that was used last year because the same strains of flu seem to be active as were active a year ago.

Six companies have been making the vaccine. Health officials recommend anyone six months old and older get innoculated each year. Last year’s vaccine has probably worn off by now. The state health department’s Susan Kneeskern (nee-skern) says there’s no priority list. She says anyone who doesn’t want to get the flu should be in line to get the vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates five to twenty percent of the population will catch the flu and three-thousand to 40-thousand people die of flu and flu-releated illnesses each year.

Some people wait until the start of the flu season. But Kneeskern says people should get their shots if the vaccine is available. And it is.

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