Without Peyton Manning, their top pass rusher Dwight Freeney and other stars who didn’t play much, this wasn’t the typical Indianapolis Colts team the Rams would expect to see in the regular season. “We’re realistic,” said head coach Steve Spagnuolo. “A bunch of their guys didn’t play and we’ve got a long way to go.”

There were still plenty of positives in the Rams 33-10 win over Indy that no matter who you’re playing against, they are things you can build on.

First, only two penalties were called against the Rams and none in the first half. Also, the Rams didn’t allow a sack. Protecting the quarterback consistently over a full game is another positive. It was also nice to see the team jump out to a quick start scoring on six of their first seven possessions, capped by a 60 yard field goal from Josh Brown.

Had that happened in the regular season, it would have been a team record.

Several players are expected to return from injuries including middle linebacker James Laurinitis, cornerback Ron Bartell, defensive end James Hall and tight end Mike Hoomanawanui.