Senators from Missouri River states want some answers from the Corps of Engineers about applying lessons from this year’s flood to planning for next year.  But the Corps says it’s already doing many of the things the Senators want.

The Senators want to know how the Corps will use National Weather Service data for the rest of this year and next—-the Corps already uses short-term and long-term forecasting.  They want the Corps to improve communication with the public and government officials.  The Corps says it’s always trying to improve communications.   The Senators want a plan and a timetable for federal assistance in repairing flood damage to levees and other structures.  Brigadier General John McMahon, the commander of the Northwest Division, says the Corps doesn’t have to wait for the water to go down to start that process and has, in fact, already started it. .

The Senators also want the Corps’ plan for investments in federal infrastructure to reduce near-term flood damage.  McMahon says the Corps can create a plan, but it will be up to government leaders to set the priorities, knowing that budget cuts will make less money available.

 Gen. McMahon responds 7:58 mp3