Psychatrists say after a natural disaster, people need someone to talk to. The University of Missouri has more than fifteen psychatrists on hand to give help over the phone for free to Joplin residents who need someone who can listen.

Laine Young-Walker is the head child and adolescent psychiatrist with the University of Missouri. Lately she has been talking with adults from Joplin through the telehealth video conferencing service. She says a lot of these people just need someone to reach out to.

Between May 22 and July 6, the Ozark Center’s hotline received 1,752 calls, compared to 371 calls in the month of April. For the first 90 days, sessions with the MU psychiatrists are free.

Walker says the most common problems she hears about from Joplin residents are trouble sleeping, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed about having to put their lives back together after the tornado.

(AUDIO) Allison Blood reports on Joplin’s telehealth. Mp3 0:59