After a knee injury in week one sidelined Tyson Jackson for nearly two months, he took a different approach to getting ready this offseason and now Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley notices the difference. Both are hoping that translates into better results on the field this year.

An obvious need is for the Chiefs to improve their pass rush and Haley likes that the team has brought more ‘hands on deck.’

Todd Haley comments on team’s pass rushing ability

“I thought we showed some steps in a positive direction last year. I would expect that to continue. Both with the guys that are here continuing to improve or have been here and then out of this new infusion of front type players, whether it’s outside linebackers or defensive lineman. We’re encouraged that they’re may be one or two guys that can create some competition first of all for the guys that have been doing it. Then we’ll see where it takes us. There’s definitely more hands on deck at this point so far in my opinion. That could all change, but going by what I’ve seen to date, there’s more competition right now and that’s the name of the game for us.”

Back to Tyson Jackson. He enters his third season after being a top five draft pick. He considered 2010 to be a disappointing season. Josh Looney of did a nice piece on Jackson and his MMA training this offseason. I thought it was good enough to share. Enjoy.