Chiefs quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn spoke with the media for the first time of training camp following Sunday’s practice. Zorn stayed after practice working with Ricky Stanzi for one-on-one on a number of technique drills.

Stanzi was a fifth round draft pick out of Iowa, who Missouri Tiger fans saw first hand during last year’s bowl season, when the Hawkeyes beat Missouri.

Zorn had this to say about Stanzi. “I’m just really excited about him I think he’s on his way you know he’s working on improving the speed of his release but he’s real smart, he’s picking it up really fast. I think you all can be excited about him, he’s a ways away it’s not like I’m all excited and he’s going to be compete for the starting position, but he’s a good young prospect and we’re glad that he’s here.

Since Zorn is new to the team, he will have to ramp up his efforts to get to know starting quarterback Matt Cassel as well. The five-month NFL lockout kept Zorn away from Cassel during a time where the two would normally be reviewing film together, and getting to know one another.

“He needs to work on his footwork,” Zorn said. “He needs to become more sudden in change of direction, that’s why we’re working on the drills, and then efficient. Those are some of the things early in this camp that he’ll be working on.”