The Department of Education has a new way to get information about performance and test scores to schools, and to the public.

The Missouri Comprehensive Data System is new way to see how Missouri schools are doing. Leigh Ann Grant-Engle is with the Department of Educations Data Systems management team.

She says schools will be able to better compare results, and parents can track different schools’ progress over several years and more through comparative tables and graphing capabilities.

Results from the most recent MAP tests — Missouri Assessment Program exams — will be posted on the portal next Thursday. Schools have already received the data and are reviewing it now. The Missouri Assessment Program exams — or MAP tests — show how students, and thereby schools, are performing in comparison with their peers.

That information, along with annual performace reviews and no child left behind data, are being posted on a new web portal the Education Department is unveiling next week.

Annual Yearly Progress results, which track districts’ achievement in math and communication arts, as well as graduation rates and Annual Performance Reports will be released on the web portal August 17 and 19.

To visit the portal, go to

For a tutorial on using the portal, open this DESE PowerPoint presentation.