Tomorrow morning in Columbia children with autism spectrum disorder can attend a special screening of Cars 2. The screening will be different – lights will not go down completely, the volume will be lower and children are free to get up and move around. Cheri Ghan is a spokeswoman for University of Missouri School of Health Professions, which is sponsoring this event. Ghan says the set up of the screening is designed to make kids with autism spectrum disorder more comfortable at the theater.

A family enjoys last year's screening. Photo courtesy of University of Missouri

Ghan says the more activities these kids can do, the more common ground they have with their peers. That’s why the school also puts on several other programs, such as a gymnastics class on Fridays during the school year. She says this is important for them building relationships and continuing therapy. The screening of Cars 2 is at Hollywood Theaters in Columbia today at 10 AM.