The Missouri National Guard Agribusiness Development Team IV is home with their families after ten months in Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan. Sergent Ian Clouse is on the team; he says his job was to protect the other members when they had to go outside of their camp, incase one of the soldiers were to come under fire.

Clouse and his daughter Madison

But he says the most difficult part wasn’t protecting his fellow soldiers, but missing his family; he’s only been home once in his ten-month deployment. He  says the intense heat was also difficult to deal with; temperatures were near 125 degrees when they left.

The team came home Wednesday to a reception at the Carnahan Memorial Garden outside the Governor’s Mansion in Jefferson City.

Clouse and wife Amanda

His wife, Amanda  says this was his second tour, and it was harder because of their daughter, Madison who is 6. She says Madison began Kindergarten without her Dad this year, with the exception of one day he was on vacation and got to take her to school.  Madison says they are going to Six Flags this weekend to celebrate being home together. Amanda is a full-time nursing student in Arnold. Both Amanda and Ian say they are looking forward to getting back to normal.

The Agribusiness Development Team IV spent their time teaching Afghani farmers how to farm, raise animals and find clean water. This program was started in Missouri but now other states have started similar programs. A fifth team is back in Afghanistan now.

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