EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson/ EPA photo

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency insists the EPA isn’t out to get coal, but does want to address the pollution emitted from coal-fired power plants.

Jackson claims in an interview with the Missourinet that the proposed rules regulating coal-fired plants places all such plants on the same level, both old plants without scrubbers and the new ones with. Jackson says coal is fine as long as pollution is addressed.

“We’re not against coal, but if you want to burn coal you need to do it in a way that it doesn’t add more pollution to our air. And, again, remember that pollution results in our children getting sicker and our elderly residents perhaps dying prematurely, because of air pollution,” Jackson tells the Missourinet. “Air pollution, fine particles are killers.”

Jackson says those who claim the proposed EPA rules on coal costs too much have too narrow a focus.

“The recent rule that we proposed, the mercury and air toxic rules, have benefits of about $10 of health benefits for every dollar spent,” Jackson says. “So, it’s ten-to-one health benefits that you get from investing in pollution controls.”

Jackson denies the Obama Administration wants to get rid of coal. She insists that coal remains a part of the nation’s energy future.

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