State Senator Brad Lager (R-Savannah) says he wants a federal investigation of the Army Corps of Engineers because of what he is calling excessive flooding on the Missouri River.

Photo courtesy of Senate Communications

Lager says he’s most upset by the lack of leadership in the Corps. He visited Holt and Atchison County in the northwest part of the state Thursday. He says he thinks the Corps shouldn’t hide behind the master manual for flood management. He says it may be a tough decision but it’s more important to protect people than to stick to faulty protocol.

He says many who evacuated their homes in the northwestern counties did so needlessly. He says if some other private person or group had forced people out of their homes it would be a criminal offense.

He says he wants the Missouri legislature and the Federal Government to visit and look at the master manual so this situation doesn’t happen again.

Ray Read contributed to this report.