Treasurer Clint Zweifel/campaign photo

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel says he would like another term.

Missouri’s economy has weighed most heavily on the mind of Zweifel, who won election in 2008 after serving as a state representative from Florissant. Zweifel claims success in issuing low-interest loans to businesses and farms supporting nearly 11,000 jobs. Zweifel says he’s been impressed with the reception the state college savings plan has received.

“And then I see also a sense of optimism,” Zweifel tells the Missourinet. “In light of all this economy and the challenges that Missourians have faced more Missourians than ever are saving for college right now through Missouri MOST, which I think is a statement of optimism that Missourians believe there’s a bright future for their kids.”

Zweifel is a Democrat. Missouri voters haven’t been kind to Democrats of late. Zweifel says he’s not worried.

“I think if there’s one way to describe Missourians it’s not necessarily a party affiliation, but it’s just a statement that they do expect results and they’re going to be independent in how they make their decision at the ballot box,” Zweifel tells us.

The Missouri Treasurer manages a $3.6 billion investment portfolio and oversees $23 billion in annual state revenues. The Treasurer administers state banking services. The office runs the $720 million Missouri Linked Deposit Program which extends low-interest loans to small businesses and farms. The Treasurer also is caretaker of $600 million in Unclaimed Property, seeking to return it to its rightful owners.

Zweifel and his wife, Janice, have been married for 14 years and are parents to two daughters, Selma and Ellie. The Zweifel family lives in Columbia.

Zweifel officially kicks off his re-election campaign next Wednesday, June 22nd, in Forest Park in St. Louis.

 AUDIO: Brent Martin interviews Treasurer Clint Zweifel [8:30 MP3]