Atchison County Administrators are preparing for a state of flood limbo – they are preparing to deal with levees holding more Missouri River water than they ever have before, and just waiting it out. Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the County, Mark Manchester, says 11 homes have been evacuated but most roads are still above the water. He says it’s mostly small country roads that have been flooded out.

Flooding along the Missouri River in nortwest Missouri

He says the county is warning residents of the possibility of more flooding, so they can have an exit plan. Manchester says the Missouri River is at almost 40 feet, and is expecting a crest of 41.8 feet on Sunday. He says it probably still wont overtop the levees, but they can’t know for sure.

The Corps of Engineers have been maintaining the levees along with local levee districts. Manchester says they have been helpful in doing whatever necessary, and also in relaying as much information as they can.

Holt county, which is just south of Atchison county, will also have to wait until August for relief on their levees. The Army Corps of Engineers is holding their water at 25 feet, and 17 feet is flood stage.

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