As the residents of Joplin continue to sift through the piles of rubble that once were their homes, the community takes a moment of pause to remember those who were lost. Now a week after the devastating EF-5 twister destroyed a 6-mile by 2-mile swath of the city, the search for the missing continues, and survivors work to pick up the pieces.

The public is invited to attend the memorial service, which is at the Taylor Performing Arts Center on the campus of Missouri Southern State University. No tickets are
required for admittance to the venue that opens at 11:30.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon will deliver a message at the service, which will include clergy from the Joplin area and a local choir. President Barack Obama will offer brief remarks.

Once the Taylor Auditorium is full, overflow seating will be available at several campus facilities, including the campus tennis courts, Corley Auditorium in Webster Hall, Black Box Theater in Taylor Hall and Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center where a live broadcast of the service can be seen. Up to 5,000 people will be accommodated for the event designed for citizens. In addition, mental health services will be available at Hearnes Hall.

A city-wide moment of silence happens at 5:41 p.m., which is the exact time the tornado hit one week ago. At that time, a song written for and given to the city of Joplin by a Nashville songwriter will be aired on Missourinet affiliate KZRG —

A total of 87 individuals have been confirmed as deceased and their next-of-kin notified following the tornado that devastated Joplin on May 22, according to the Department of Public Safety. The deceased victims whose next-of-kin have received notifications of their deaths are:

Miguel Alvarez, 28, Joplin

Sarah L. Anderson, 47, Joplin

Grace Aquino, 46, of Joplin

Robert W. Baker, 54, Joplin

Robert E. Bateson, 45, Joplin

Dorothy T. Bell, 88, Joplin

Regina M. Bloxham, 55, Joplin

Lathe E. Bradfield, 84, Joplin

Leo E. Brown, 86, Joplin

Hugh O. Buttram, 85, Joplin

Tami L. Campbell, 28, Joplin

Arriyinnah S. Carmona, 8, Joplin

Moises Carmona-Navarro, 42, Joplin

Shante M. Caton, 10, Joplin

Trenton Caton, 6, Pierce City

Raymond Chew, 66, Joplin

Carolane J. Collins, 62 Eagle Rock

Clyde Coleman, 72, Galena, Kansas

Lois A. Comfort, 66, Webb City

Keenan K. Conger, 49, Joplin

Vicki L. Cooper, 59, Joplin

Adam Darnaby, 27, Joplin

Nancy E. Douthitt, 94, Joplin

Ellen Doyle, 75, Joplin

Richard A. Elmore, 70, Joplin

Randy E. England, 34, Neosho

Betty Fisher, 86, Joplin

Marsha A. Frost, 32, Joplin

Sebastian C. Frost, 10, Joplin

Charles K. Gaudsmith, 21, Carthage

Billie J. Gideon, 77, Joplin

Paul E. Haddock, 63, Joplin

Caley Lantz Hare, 16, Joplin

Dorothy V. Hartman, 91, Joplin

Glenn W. Holland, 60, Joplin

Charlotte Hopwood, 84, Joplin

Hayze Howard, 1, Webb City

Harli Howard, 5, Webb City

Thomas Russell Howard, 29, Webb City

Melisa R. Johnson, 50, Carthage

Cheryl L. Jones, 39, Altamont, Kansas

James D. Kendrick, 63, Joplin

Bruce A. Lievens, 48, Joplin

Rachel K. Markham, 31, Joplin

Nancy Martin, 52, Miami, Oklahoma

Jesse L. McKee, 44, Neosho

Randall E. Mell, 49, Joplin

Ronald D. Meyer, 64, Joplin

Ray Donald Miller III, 49, Joplin

Doris Montgomery, 83, Joplin

Edmond V. Mullaney, 82, Joplin

Sharyl Nelsen, 34, Joplin

William R. Norton, 18, Joplin

Dennis M. Osborn, 34, Seneca

Charles E. Oster, 77, Joplin

Shirley Ann Parker, 68, Joplin

James B. Peterson, 27, Joplin

John H. Petty, 37, Neosho

Natalia M. Puebla, 17, Neosho

Shelly Marie Ramsey, 42, Neosho

Loretta Randell, 54, Joplin

Troy Raney, 39, Joplin

Virgil T. Reid, 77, Joplin

Johnny Richey, 52, Joplin

Vicki Robertson, 66, Joplin

Keith D. Robinson, 48, Joplin

Virginia Mae Salmon, 80, Joplin

Tonya L. Sawyer, 41, Fort Scott, Kansas

Frances A. Scates, 70, Joplin

Gladys J. Seay, 83, Welch, Oklahoma

Daniel W. Shirley, 48, Joplin

Judy Smith, 71, Joplin

Nicholaus A. Smith, 23, Joplin

Shyrell L. Smith, 68, Pittsburg, Kansas

Steven J. Stephens, 28, Joplin

Kayleigh Teal, 16, Pittsburg, Kansas

Heather L. Terry, 36, Joplin

John Thomas, Jr., 40, Joplin

Sandra K. Thomas, 55, Carthage

Margaret Tuit, 92, Joplin

Michael E. Tyndall, 33, Joplin

Darian D. Vanderhoofven, 45, Joplin

Joshua D. Vanderhoofven, 1, Joplin

Miles Wells, 49, Webb City

Tiera Whitley, 20, Fulton, Kansas

Zach Williams, 12, Joplin

Charles W. Writer, 74, Joplin