A tornado has touched down in Sedalia. No injuries reported now, but several structures have been damaged, cars overturned and a few fires.

Photo from Twitpic.

Tornado sirens go off again in Joplin overnight….but this time it’s only rain and 60-mile an hour winds.

Funnel clouds were seen in several other parts of Missouri, though.  Funnel clouds were reported in Texas and Douglas Counties. Four big grain bins have been blown down in Dade County as the storm moved east during the night. Dent County started the day under a tornado warning but that expired at 6 a.m.  Severe weather is forecast in the St. Louis area for a while. 

The state emergency management agency has increased the number of dead in Joplin is to 123. So far, 750 people have been treated at Joplin’s two hospitals and another 100 people have been taken to hospitals outside the area … 5,000 buildings have been damaged. Another estimate says 2,000 of those buildings have been destroyed. Damage is estimated at $2 billion to $3 billion.  

National Weather Service survey teams have put together a clearer picture of what happened Sunday night in southwest Missouri. Teams have confirmed the tornado that hit Joplin was the worst kind — an EF-5 with winds of  more than 200 miles an hour. 

But there were other tornadoes. The Weather service says an EF-2 tornado touched down northeast of Diamond and stayed on the ground for 17 miles with a half-mile wide track before it lifted north of Monett. Four mobile homes were damaged.

Another EF-2 tornado touched down in Central Stone County near Galena and tracked for 16 miles toward Saddle Brooke in Taney County before lifting about a mile from Saddle Brooke. The Weather service says that one had a 200-yard wide patch that destroyed several turkey barns, damaged a house and several outbuildings.

Heavy rains also caused flooding in Seneca, in Newton County, that affected 40 homes and several businesses. More than two dozen people had to be rescued.