Gas prices leveled, dropped a little, then crept back up. Triple A says while they are moderating, no major drop in prices is in sight. Today’s average for a gallon of gas is $3.98 in the U.S., up 19 cents from a week ago. Up $1.10 from a year ago.

Mike Right is with Triple A in Missouri.

Right says along with the rise in the price of crude, the flooding Mississippi is putting refineries at risk south of Arkansas, as well as tributaries in Arkansas and surrounding areas.

He says the average household is paying $100 more a month for gasoline then they did a year ago, when most of those households didn’t get a pay increase to support that.

The average price for regular in Misouri is $3.85 a gallon. The cheapest gas in Missouri is Farmington at $3.58; the most expensive is in St. Louis at $4.09 a gallon.

Right says families are doing a number of things to absorb the hit to their household budget, including trying to utilize the family’s most gas-efficient vehicle more, scaling back on trips, cutting vacation plans and spending less on entertainment like dinner out and movies.

There are some resources available for those looking to shave off a fraction of their monthly gasoline bill. A little planning ahead can pay off by checking online before you travel or fuel up. Interactive maps at (sample photo above) gives gas prices, station details, and other searchable resources. There is also a Gas Buddy app available for smart-phone users.

And as for apps, there are several to try. The Green Gas Saver is an app that lets you monitor your fuel efficiency and warns you if you are driving too fast or turning too hard. On screen gauges display how a user accelerates and corners, pop up warning LEDS, and emits tones to “train a driver to eliminate bad habits.” Gas Bag places gas prices on a map near you — interacting with your GPS, so you can pick the place with the cheapest gas when you need to stop and fill up.

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