Congressman Todd Akin speaks with Capitol reporters/House photo

A Missouri Congressman might well be eyeing a run for the United States Senate, but will only hint at the possibility during a visit to the Capitol.

St. Louis Congressman Todd Akin takes time out during his visit to the Capitol to talk with reporters about his possible US Senate run.

“Well, we’re thinking we’re getting very, very close and would anticipate some type of an announcement before too long,” Akin tells reporters.

Akin says that decision could come this month; a decision to enter the Republican primary with the aim of taking on incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, not an easy task says Akin.

“She’ll be tough,” Akin says, pausing a bit. “She’ll be tough.”

Akin calls McCaskill a formidable foe who has a reputation of running a tough campaign and taking no prisoners.

During his visit to the Capitol, Akin addressed the Missouri House Republican Caucus, most likely soliciting support, perhaps even money, for a Senate run. Akin served 12 years in the Missouri House. He won election to the United States House in 2000.

Akin says if he enters, it will indicate he believes he can win.

“I wouldn’t run if I didn’t think I had to win,” Akin says.

Republican Ed Martin has dropped out of the Senate race and announced he will run for Akin’s seat. Martin lost a close race last election cycle to Democrat Russ Carnahan in the now non-existent 3rd Congressional District. Martin served as Governor Blunt’s Chief of Staff. Former State Republican Party Chairwoman Ann Wagner, who also served as co-chair of the national party, has decided against a Senate run and has announced as a candidate for Akin’s seat.

Martin and former Treasurer Sarah Steelman had solicited support during Lincoln Days in Springfield. Steelman remains in the race. St. Louis businessman John Brunner, chairman of a health care products company, has stated he’s considering entering the Republican primary.

Akin brushes aside questions about the possibility of a Republican primary.

“If I announce, you’ll assume that we’re going to be looking just straight at the finish line,” according to Akin.

Akin won’t say that the announcements from Republicans Martin and Wagner indicate he’s already made the decision, but does confirm he has talked with both of them.

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