House Speaker Steven Tilley says the House will attempt to override Governor Nixon’s veto of the Congressional redistricting map this week.

Tilley, a Republican from Perryville, says he’s disappointed the governor vetoed the map.

“I was hopeful that the governor would sign the map, because I think the House and Senate agreed upon a map that’s fair and representative of the citizens of this state. But he chose not to,” Tilley tells the Missourinet. “My intent is at some point in time trying to get the votes to override the governor and send it to the Senate.”

Tilley says it would be a “pretty daunting task” to redraw the lines and agree to a new map of Missouri’s eight Congressional districts in the last week and a half of the legislative session. In vetoing the map, Nixon stated that he was giving lawmakers enough time in the regular session to approve a new map. Missouri has lost a Congressional seat due to the 2010 Census.

“I am hopeful that in the next two weeks the Legislature can produce a map that will reflect a better representation for all regions of the state, and deliver it to my desk,” the governor said in a news release announces his decision to veto the redistricting map, HB 193.

Tilley says he’s close to securing the 109 votes needed to override the veto.

“I think we’re very close,” Tilley says. “You have to have 109 (votes) to override. I think we’ll be somewhere in the neighborhood of 108 to 111. So, it’s going to be close.”

The House is crucial. It fell far short of the votes needed for an override in its initial approval of the map. If Tilley secures all the Republicans in the House, he has 105 votes and will need at least four Democrats to cross party lines and vote against their governor. The Senate approved the redistricting map with voters to spare for an override.

AUDIO: Brent Martin interviews House Speaker Steven Tilley [1:25 mp3]