The senate’s plan for eight new congressional districts has been approved, but not without some ruffled feathers.

Opposition to the House version of the new map stalled the process Tuesday.   But right after the senate’s afternoon session began yesterday, the sponsor brought up a new version of the bill, and moved into position for a final vote before the leading opponent got into the chamber.

Senator Bill Stouffer of Napton was in a press conference on another issue.  He had no way to introduce his proposed map. Afterwards he openly said, ‘I blew it.”

The senate version differs in several ways from the House version…and sponsor Scott Rupp of Wentzville says passage of it is a big step because senators let it be known they would not accept the House map….

Stouffer’s only hope now is if the House refuses to take the senate plan and asks for a compromise committee to draw something acceptable to both chambers.

Stouffer says he knows money is being put together in his counties to launch a legal challenge of a plan that lumps three rural central Missouri counties in a district with Kansas City.