Albert Pujols, UPI/Bill Greenblatt files

If you’re talking Cardinals baseball this morning with your buddies or looking over the box scores, you’ll probably be grumping about how the Cardinals finally scored some runs and asking “What’s the problem with Albert Pujols?” We, as fans, seem to get caught up in the numbers and the game itself and forget about the person. CBS’ “60 Minutes” did a great on showing us Albert, as a person, and not the baseball machine we occupy our minds with.

It is human nature to scoff at the idea of baseball players making millions of dollars. Albert Pujols will make $16 million dollars this season and we know about the upcoming contract battles that will take place after the season in which Pujols could command a new $300 million contract.

Yet, after I watched the Pujols segment, you can’t help but cheer for a guy like Albert. When I saw what he provides through his Pujols Foundation, not only with Down Syndrome children or for kids back in his native Dominican Republic, I couldn’t help but hope that he gets every dollar he deserves and then more, because he looks at his baseball career as avenue to help those who are less fortunate.