Although the House has drawn its version of eight new congressional districts, the senate committee is still working on its version.   Senate redistricting chairman Scott Rupp expects to have a map within a few days–perhaps next week.

He says the senate map is shaping up to be similar to the one the House committee has drawn. But he does expect differences.   Those differences have to be ironed out before the legislature adjourns May 13th.

Missouri is going from nine districts to eight….meaning two incumbents could face each other next year.  But maybe, says Rupp, that won’t happen. He says an incumbent member of Congress might seek another office or could move into another district and challenge someone else.                               

The last time Missouri lost a seat in Congress was 19-80.  That year Congressmen Wendell Bailey and Ike Skelton were thrown together in the same district.  Skelton won.

Listen to the Scott Rupp interview 3:19 mp3