Nuclear energy officials say they would never be so arrogant as to say the Callaway Nuclear facility is impervious to disaster, but they tell the Public Service Commission the plant is above and beyond safety codes.

Click on the image to view the full presentation given by Ameren, Wolf Creek, to the Public Service Commission.

Adam Heflin is Ameren Missouri’s Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer. He tells Missourians “worst-case scenarios” were taken into account when the plant was built in the 80s. The plant went online in 1984.

Heflin tells Public Service Commissioners Ameren and Wolf Creek officials continue to beef up security and safety measures at Missouri’s nuclear reactor facilities to withstand worst-case seismic events and natural hazards including floods, tornados, precipitation, and more.Friday’s press conference and presentation to the Public Service Commission was in response to the current nuclear crisis in Japan, which Missouri’s nuclear scientists say won’t happen here.

Heflin was joined by Matt Sunseri, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operation Corporation President and CEO, in explaining to commissioners what safety precautions are in place, and said those measures are ongoing, including (but not limited to) continual training, sampling, security and testing at various locations within 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles and up to 50 and 100 miles from the Callaway plant site.

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