Yesterday I ragged on Chad Ochocinco in his attempt to try to land a spot on the roster of Sporting Kansas City, the MLS soccer franchise in state, but for those of you interested, I offer another update, courtesy of the team’s website.

Day two of the Chad Ochocinco experiment was decidedly less hectic than Day 1, but the wide-receiver-turned-footballer still managed a few memorable moments.

After an unquestionably average first day in Sporting blue, manager Peter Vermes said Ochocinco was able to make more of a mark on Thursday after shaking off some rust the day before.

“He actually had two of the best crosses in the game today that we played.” Vermes said before chuckling at the thought. “He was OK. I think the game is fast for him. I think the play is maybe a little higher than even he expected. Some things he’s alright in. Some things he’s far behind in just because he doesn’t play on a regular basis.”

Vermes said the plan remains for Ochocinco to conclude his four-day trial on Saturday (Sporting’s reserves are scheduled to train Saturday and Sunday), after which the coaching staff will make a decision on his future with the team.

And although his presence is expected to end this weekend, Vermes said the players and coaching staff haven’t been distracted by the attention or media hordes that follow No. 85’s every move.

“When you are inside the white lines playing and doing your training, you really don’t know that anyone is out there,” he said.

If anything, Vermes said the attention was positive for the club in a general sense and forced Kansas City’s players to be accountable for their own performances since a large media contingent was there to potentially document their every move.